Guitar Amps

There were a few notable changes in 2002, but nothing major.  The Vai Legacy Series, MTS Master Tube Series, and AG100D were unchanged. There were two new models, the Vintage 16/5 Triode amp, and the SX200H head, and a single and double stack based on this.

The pictures and prices shown here are from the Spring 2002 catalog.

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2002 Basses

2002 Guitars

2002 Bass Amps

The SX Series got a new component in 2002, the SX200H head.  This head had all the same features of the SX Series of combo amps, and was offered individually, and in a single and double stack configurations.  The SX200H sold for $299.99, and the SX412 single stack sold for $639.99, and the SX812 double stack was $979.99.

Another SX amp was added to the family - the SX50.  This was a smaller combo version of the SX100 & SX200, and pushed 50W into a 12" speaker.  The SX50 sold for $299.99.

All SX Series amps were covered in black Tolex in 2002, versus the tan Lavant that was used in 2001.

The Vintage 16/5 Triode amp was a portable, all-tube combo with 16W power into a GT12 12" speaker.  This amp featured a 3-band parametric EQ, as well as soak and reverb features.  The Vintage 16 sold for $349.99.