2001 Carvin Catalog Cover

Guitar Amps

There weren't any substantial changes in the Guitar Amps Department in 2001, apart from some price fluctuations and new photography/layouts in the catalog.  The Vai series was building up a fan base, and the MTS Master Tube Series, Vintage Tube Combos and SX combos continued going strong.  The AG100D was redesigned, and reintroduced as the AC100D Series II, adding many more effects on two channels.

The pictures and prices shown here are from the Fall 2001 catalog.

2001 Basses

2001 Guitars

2001 Bass Amps

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The Vai Legacy was unchanged, but got a new catalog layout for 2001.  The Legacy head remained at it's introductory price of $799.99 (well, OK, it was 4 cents more, as the "cents" changed from 95 to 99 on all models), as did the VL412 single stack at $1199.99, and the VL812 double stack at $1699.99.  The Legacy VL212 increased to $969.99, and the C212E extension cabinet remained $329.99.

The MTS3212 212 Combo and MTS3200 head (an it's associated stacks) were unchanged, although the prices had increased.  The Combo had a direct price of $699.99, while the MTS3200 head was $599.99.  The MTS412 single stack was $899.99, and the MTS812 double stack was $1249.99.

The 212 Bel Air and 112 Nomad Vintage Tube Combos (right) were unchanged.  Price on the Bel Air was $559.99, and the Nomad was priced at $499.99.

The SX Series combos (left) were unchanged, and the SX100 had the same price as the reengineered model of 1997, at $379.99.  The SX200 increased slightly to $439.99.

The AG100D (right) was reengineered and given the "Series II" badge that had been used on second-generation Red Line bass amps.  The new model was basically the same as the previous one, but this one had dual 24-bit digital effects, with 256 different effect (versus 16 on the Series I).  Despite this significant upgrade, the price was only slightly higher, at $449.99.