Fall 2001 Carvin Catalog Cover

Bass Amps

Although the models offered in 2001 were the same, all Red Line bass amps were updated and given the "Series III" badge.  There was a new, more powerful head, the R1000, and a new stack to go with it, the RL810.



2001 Basses

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2001 Carvin Red Line Bass AmpsThe new Series III Red Line amps had several new features.  Surface Mount Technology (SMT) was implemented to lessen rattles and vibrations in the head caused by the low frequency speakers.  Also new was the 12AX7 solid-state tube emulation circuit, which replicated the tube sound of the earlier 12AX7 tube-driven Red Line amps, without the tubes.  The back panel had new features as well, including the welcome addition of high-current Twist-Lok connections, headphone/tuner output, and more advanced direct out controls.  Lastly, a new model was added, the R1000, which provided 500W from each amp, or a full 1000W bridged.  The R600 head remained at $569.99, and the new R1000 was $649.99.

To take advantage of the new R1000, and new stack was introduced, the RL810.  This amp used the R1000 head, and the new RL810T speaker enclosure, which featured 8 10" high powered speakers and Red Eye compression driver in a ported cabinet.  This amp sold for $1199.99.

Also new for use with the R1000 head was the RL1018 stack, which was built on the R1000 head, R410T RedEye cabinet and RL118 cabinet.  This amp sold for $1299.99, and was also available as the RL1015, which was identical, but with an RL115 bass cabinet.  It sold for $1229.99.

The RL610 was unchanged (with the exception of the Series III R600 head), and sold for $1089.99.

2001 Carvin Pro Bass Combos

The RC210 and RL6815 Cyclops (right) took advantage of the new Series III Red Line amp, but were otherwise unchanged.  The RC210 sold for $799.99, and the RC210-18 (with RL118 cabinet) sold for $1069.99.  The RL6815 Cyclops sold for $899.99.


The Pro Bass Series (left) of amps were unchanged.  The PB100-10 sold for $279.99, the PB100-15 sold for $299.99, and the PB200-15 sold for $399.99.


2001 Carvin Red Eye & Cyclops Bass Amps