Glen's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: Ultimate Garage Band

Another frequent contributor to the Carvin BBS is Glen, and here is his trio of Carvin's, with his newly added B4 bass.  Here's what Gen had to say about it:

"Ok, this is a 'in stock' B4 w/active electronics and it's black. I'm very impressed w/how the bass fits in the case. This might seem like a stupid thing to comment on, but it's really snug and secure, no slop whatsoever. I do wish there was a 'cover' for the accesory area, but I'll find some kind of soft bag to keep everything together.

I can't get over how light weight it is! It's 7 lbs. My DC150 is 8 1/2 lbs and my Bolt-T is 6 1/2 lbs. So, it's lighter than my DC150. I've never had a bass so light. Never played a bass so light. Amazing.

Fit and finish are FLAWLESS. There's nothing 'cheap' feeling or looking about this instrument at all. And to think I got it for less than a MIM Jazz or Precision!"