William Sprowls' Collection

Here's a nice collection, comprised of four shredders from the 80's, a pair of contemporary Cobalt, and a Legacy thrown in for good measure.


First up, on the near right, is William's 1985 DC125.  It's gloss black with black chrome hardware, and a Kahler Flyer tremolo.

In the middle is a mid-80's V220T.  Like the DC125, it's gloss black, but with chrome hardware and a Kahler Pro tremolo.

On the far right is William's Cobalt C550 which he picked up new at the Covina store.


Here is William's V220T with his VL212 Vai Legacy amp (left).

On the right is William's latest addition - a 1989 Ultra V.  It's finished in black, with gold hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo.


here are the latest additions to William's growing collection.  On the left is a new Cobalt C850T, bought at the end of 2006. 

On the right is a '93 X220 (the last year they were made) finished in gloss black with black hardware.  A great match for his other "pointies"!