Mark Sobus' Collection
Carvin BBS ID: sobie

Sobie has a great collection of Carvin basses, mostly comprised of 6-stringers. In addition to these half-dozen Carvins, he also has some 35 other basses that he has played while touring the world with the USAF Tops in Blue band and other groups.  You can see his other gear on his website.

Below is each one, as well as Mark's comments on the lot...


LB76 (right) - My first 6-string bass. I actually owned a Fender Jazz V before this and THAT was my first dive into the Low-B string territory. After hearing Bad Company's "If You Needed Somebody" off the Holy Water album (the whole thing is good!), I knew I had to have that low-B. So, I custom ordered this from Carvin and played many a blues, rock, & country gig with it. The first of MANY Carvins to come.

LB76AF (left) - I loved the look of this in the catalog; I had to have one...Black hardware, lined fretless, beautiful stain over the flamed maple, has the fretless sound I love, love the active/passive option...

AC40 (left) - I figured a couple of years ago that I wanted an acoustic/electric. This is where I turned. The only gripe I have (that really is NOT applicable) is there isn't a place to rest your right thumb while playing (like on a P-bass). Chrome hardware, black-taped flatwounds installed, plays great, beautiful red paint, sounds good un-plugged and running through an amp...Haven't taken this one out anywhere...I need to show her off...

BK4F (right) - 4-string fretless bass built with the Carvin kit. It is stained Dark Walnut, sealed in Tung Oil, fretless un-lined neck, chrome hardware, strings through the body, etc. Plays nice and sounds great. 

LB76P (left) - Bought this "In-Stock" while in Korea as my Yamaha TRB-JP neck freaked out on me (it is VERY humid in Korea). So, I found this sharp looking bass and I wanted it. It is Ruby Red stain over Quilted Maple, gold hardware, HB2 option with the "P" set-up. I am going to send this back to Carvin to be set-up as the action is a little strange and I tried messing with the truss rod and all.

LB76W (right) - This arrived 3 weeks ago as I met the UPS man on his route (I told him to call me when he stopped by 'cuz I was at work). Looks AWESOME, beautiful, plays great, sounds awesome, black hardware, HB2 option, and a great addition to the Carvin family.