Ed Rio's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: SirFreakOfTheInk

Here's another collection of Carvin basses, consisting of a B5, BK4F and a gorgeous LB20F.  Ed says:

"My first Carvin was the B5, 2004 model, greenburst finish, alder body, J99 pickups, no inlays on the fretboard, chrome hardware, and strap locks that I put on later. Second was the BK4F, also in 2004, standard alder body also, J99 pickups, fretless with no inlays on the board, black hardware, strap locks, and LaBellla tapewound strings.  It has one coat of red mahogany stain on it with about 3/4 of a can of Minwax tung oil.  Last but not least, the LB20F, 2005 model, walnut body sides, gloss finish which is on the back of the neck too, H50 stacked humbuckers, gold hardware, strap locks, flatwound strings installed, no lines on the board for this one either"

Ed's new LB20F is definitely worth a second look...