Sean's LB76F
Carvin BBS ID: LB76F_Slapper

Hailing from New Hampshire, here is Sean and his 2001 LB76F.  A good looking bass, with koa body sides, gold hardware, satin finish, and a nice blank fingerboard - no dots or fretlines.

Yeah, it's not a Carvin, but anyone who stands on and plays an upright is OK by me!

Sean scored this gorgeous bass on eBay - luckily, before I could.  But this one was hard for me to pass up - I love the Kahler bass tremolo, and I'm also a huge fan of koa wood.   It appears to be an 1987 model, based on the serial number, curved logo, 20-fret neck and H11B pickups & control configuration.  It's a great example of what Carvin was doing in the 80's.
With his latest eBay find, Sean has moved from the ranks of "enthusiast" to "collector" (at least by my definition).  On the far right is Sean's latest addition, a mid-80's LB40, in koa (naturally!).  This one had some upgrades done at some point in it's life, including a Bartolini pickup and Wilkinson bridge.