Richard Arnold's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: saxnaxe

Here's a trio of great Carvins.  From left to right, a very nice bolt kit,  a very special California Carved Top, and and a 2nd generation DC150.  Below are the details for each.

The CT6M is a special guitar on it's own, but Rich's has a greater significance.  It is the first production CT6M made.  That's right, number one.  As if that wasn't enough, it was also shown in the 2004 catalog.

Other features of this great guitar include M series bridge, chrome hardware, abalone block inlays on ebony fingerboard, mahogany neck and body, and deep blue triple-step stain on flamed maple with matching headstock.  Additionally, the back of Rich's CT6M is stained the same as the front, unlike other CT models, which are clear mahogany on the back.

Here's Rich's DC150, which he bought in 2004 from the Guitar-In-Stock section of  This one has gold hardware, abalone block inlays on ebony, V headstock, and clear finish on quilted maple.  Electronics consist of C22N and C22B pickups.


Next up is this very well done Bolt kit, which Rich made in January of 2004.  It has a mahogany body and maple neck, stained in mahogany and tung-oiled, with gold hardware and C22B bridge pickup with coil-splitter and a pair of AP11 pickups.

On the heels of Rich's Bolt kit, he bought and built this BK5 bass kit.  The body is a gorgeous piece of walnut with a tung-oiled finish, and Rich stained the maple neck to match the walnut, then tung-oiled it.  Active electronics and black hardware complete the package.  Well done!