Sandy's Collection

This is one of those extraordinary collections of Carvin guitars that pop up from time-to-time.  All and all, 16 Carvin guitars (and basses), primarily from the 1980s and early 1990s, representing a huge array of options and features.

On the left, clockwise from the top center: a late 1980s SH225, in clear gloss with gold hardware and block inlays; a late 1987 DN612 in pearl white with gold hardware, block inlays and the "new style" headstock logo; a CM130 in clear gloss; a DC200T in translucent purple on mahogany with MOP blocks, chrome hardware and a Wilkinson tremolo; a TL60T in clear gloss on mahogany; a DC125 in white with black hardware; an early 80s DC150 in clear gloss on maple with maple fingerboard; and an early-to-mid 80s DN640 in clear gloss on maple.

Next up are Sandy's "pointy" Carvins - x and V models, some of which are extremely rare.  On the top row, from the left, a V220 in white; a V220 in solid figured maple with a tung oil finish and a Kahler; a solid flamed koa V220 with a Kahler and abalone block inlays; and a  solid quilted maple V220 with a Kahler and abalone block inlays.

On the bottom row, from left, an '86 V400T in pearl pink with black hardware and a Kahler bass tremolo; a set-neck, first generation Ultra V in black with chrome hardware and a Kahler; a neck-through second generation Ultra V in black with chrome hardware, and a very unusual 1992 X220 with 4 single coil pickups and gold hardware.

Here are some closeups of Sandy's doublenecks - on the left, the '87 DN612 in Pearl White with gold hardware, MOP blocks and a Kahler on the 6-string neck; and on the right, a mid-80's DN640 in clear gloss on maple with chrome hardware.

Here are some additional pics of some of Sandy's guitars.  On the left, the 1992 DC125, in white with black hardware.  On the near right, Sandy's DC200T in trans purple on mahogany - this is Sandy's only new Custom Shop purchase.  On the far right, the late 80's V220 with a tung oil finish on figured maple with a Kahler tremolo and gold hardware.

Below are closeup of the DC150 (left) and CM130 (right).