Dave Quinlan's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: rugby1

Dave has a nice collection of Carvin gear, including several guitars and amps.  In addition to what's shown here, he has a C66 on the way, and recently sold a CM130.  He also has VL100 and a Bel Air 212.

Dave bought this DC145M from fellow Carvinite Gordon Edwards, who originally received it in March 2005.  This stunning instrument has a highly figured Claro Walnut top over alder, a tung-oiled maple neck with a Birdseye maple fingerboard and matching Birdseye maple overlay on a CT-style headstock.  Electronics consist of a pair of C22B humbuckers with an AP11 single coil.  Other features include stainless steel frets, gold hardware, and a matching truss rod cover. 

This is Dave's 2004 CT6M.  It's finished in deep triple-step sunsetburst on flamed maple, with a mahogany body and tung-oiled mahogany neck.  Other features include abalone block inlays on ebony with stainless steel frets and black chrome hardware.  Electronics consist of an H22N and C22B pickups.

Here is Dave's 2004 DC150.  It's finished in blueburst on quilted maple with a mahogany neck and body.  It has chrome hardware and a tune-o-matic bridge.  The pickups are an H22N and a C22B with coil splitters for each.

Dave says:

"Great finish. the blue on mahogany looks green in some places such as the back of the neck. Very unique."