Rick Stidham's Collection

Here's another great collection, and more proof that many Carvin owners have several Carvins in their stable.  Below are Rick's comments for each.

Left to right:

'95 DC127T, mahogany body, maple neck, M22N/M22T (This guitar was stolen from my house while I was at work, in 1997. I saw it for sale on eBay recently [it had apparently changed hands several times] and when I proved to the seller that it was mine, he very graciously sent it back to me. Truly a good, decent person. Wouldn't even accept a reward. It just arrived today. In this pic, I've just reinstalled the original M22N [the seller had installed a different pickup but included the old M22N] and haven't restrung it yet.)

'97 DC127T, mahogany body, maple neck, C22N/C22T (Ordered as a replacement for the other DC127T once I was convinced I would never see it again.)

'03 Bolt-T Kit, swamp ash body, maple neck, AP11/AP11/C22B (Finished in Woodburst bing cherry stain and tung oil.)

'04 Bolt Plus-T, alder body, maple neck, C22B/AP11/C22B ("Darth Carvin!" They did a cool black over white drop shadow logo for me on this one. They had to re-do the headstock before they sent it to me; the first time around, the buffing machine buffed the double-thick logo right off.)

'04 DC145M, koa body, maple/walnut neck, H22N/AP11/H22T ("007"...
walnut stripes instead of koa, just to be different.)

'02 Bolt, one-piece maple burl body, solid flamed maple neck, flamed maple fretboard, Fender custom-wound pups (More info about this one is already in the Bolt/Bolt+ section.)

'04 Cobalt C750S