Rick Maughan's Collection

This is an excellent collection - not only are there 3 very cool guitars, but they're all lefty's, making them considerably more rare then their right-handed counterparts.

First up, and by far the most unique, is Rick's 1991 X220CL ("C" indicates the tremolo, "L" indicates it's left-handed).  It's finished in pearl white, with striped decals that make it look very much like one of Craig Chaquico's X models.  In 1991, Carvin only offered a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo, but there wasn't a left-handed model, so Rick had a Kahler Steeler factory installed.

Next is Rick's V220TL, finished in Pearl Blue.  This is a neck-thru model, from either 1988 or 1989.  It has a Kahler Pro trem, black chrome hardware, and MOP block inlays.

Last is Rick's 2003 model AC275-12, in clear gloss on quilt with abalone block inlays, body binding and black chrome hardware.  Of note, this one has a 5-piece mahogany/maple neck, as opposed to the standard mahogany necks found on most AC-series guitars and basses.