Pleasant Lindsey III's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: Lindseyp

This is the epitome of a Carvin Bolt - a great working musician's guitar.  This has an alder body in sapphire blue, with maple neck, ebony fingerboard, chrome hardware and Wilkinson tremolo.  Electronics consist of a C22T and two AP11 pickups.  This one is known as "Doreen".

This is a very nice and unique 2004 model.  Most obviously, it has an unusual finish - clear with blackburst edges on swamp ash.  Very nice!  Other features include tung-olied neck, birdseye maple fingerboard, C22B & C22N zebra pickups with a coil-splitter for each, and reverse inline headstock. 


This is Pleasant's 2004 LB75.  It's equipped with J99 pickups, and has en ebony fingerboard and chrome hardware.  the neck is maple, with some great flame in it, and the body is alder, also with some very nice figure.

Below is Pleasant's first Carvin; a 1995 DC127.  He says:

"This is my first Carvin, a 1995 DC127 with M22T and M22N pickups, the FT6 bridge, maple neck through poplar body wings, ebony fretboard, Tung oil neck. Bought it on a whim from teh Carvin catalog while stationed in Korea that year. This guitar later prevented me from buying more expensive guitars because head-to-head it could duplicate or beat the sounds I was getting from the more expensive ones. I don't know why I never submitted the photo. My little brother has it in protective custody."