Michael Goodwin's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: mgood1
WWW: http://www.geocities.com/michaelrgoodwin/

When Mike started hanging around the Carvin BBS, he had his '89 LB70, and his early-90's Pro Bass amp.  That was in 2002.  Now, Mike has an impressive collection of 5 Carvin basses and one Carvin guitar, as well as the new B1500 bass rig and his Pro Bass II rig.  On top of that, he works at Carvin now - if you need customer service assistance, ask for him by name!

First up is Mike's 2003 Bolt guitar.  Classic styling, with pearl blue finish, white pearloid pickguard and chrome hardware.  Here's the specifics:

BOLT - Six-string guitar with bolt-on neck
SL - Straploks by Dunlop
SP - Sperzel locking tuners
SS - String saver graphite saddles
22B - C22B humbucking bridge pickup with coil splitter
30 - Always-on switch for bridge humbucker
BMF - Birdseye maple fretboard
ABD - Abalone dot inlays
BMPH - Birdseye maple headstock
PB - Pearl blue
WP - White pearloid pickguard
DK - Dome knobs

Bought at the same time as the Bolt guitar, this is Mike's B4F bass.  Sapphire blue on quilt with matching V headstock, lined fingerboard, chrome hardware and active electronics round out the package.

B4F - Four-string bolt-neck fretless bass
FI - Inlayed fret lines
SL - Straploks by Dunlop
AC - Active/passive electronics
V - Flying V shaped headstock
ASH - Swamp ash body
QTB - Translucent sapphire blue over 1/2" AAAA quilted maple top
QPH - Matching quilted maple headstock overlay

This is Mike's 2003 BB75P, which he says is the best sounding of his collection.  No doubt!

BB75P - Bunny Brunel signature 5-string bass w/ piezo bridge, HB bridge pickup, and coil splitter
BC - Black chrome plated hardware
SL - Straploks by Dunlop
NIN - No inlays on top of fingerboard
H50 - Replace standard J99 single-coil neck pickup with H50N stacked humbucker (neck position only)
5M - 5-piece laminated maple neck with two koa strips
KOA - Koa body sides
TF - Tung oil satin finish

This is a classic!  A 1986 V440T, in excellent condition. 

V440T - Four-string bass with maple set neck, maple body, ebony fretboard, mother of pearl dot inlays, brass nut, M22B humbucking pickups, Schaller tuners, and Kahler bass tremolo.
BC - Black chrome plated hardware
Straploks by Dunlop (added)
B - Black

The prettiest one of the bunch. Mike bought this 2002 BB70 slightly used from Rain de Leon.

BB70P - Bunny Brunel signature 4-string bass w/piezo bridge, HB bridge pickup, and coil splitter
BC - Black chrome plated hardware
HS - Hipshot bass detuner
SL - Straploks by Dunlop
NIN - No inlays on top of fingerboard
HB2N - Neck position HB4 humbucking pickup
31 - Coil splitter for neck pickup (so that they each have one)
5MW - 5-piece laminated maple neck with two walnut strips
3W - 3-piece body sides; walnut back, 1/8” maple center, ˝” Claro walnut top
FWPH - Figured walnut headstock overlay
“Drop Shadow” logos
This 1989 LB70 was Mike's main bass for over thirteen years.

LB70 - 4-string bass with maple neck through poplar sides, H13B stacked humbucking pickups (standard in 1989), 1990-style "pointy" headstock, black headstock, Schaller bridge, Carvin 22:1 ratio tuners, active-only electronics with volume, blend, bass, treble, deep boost switch for neck pickup, bright boost switch for bridge pickup, phase switch, and pickup selector
BC - Black chrome plated hardware
SL - Straploks by Dunlop
NIN - No inlays on top of fingerboard (side dots only)
PR - Pearl red


Mike keeps adding to his collection.  This is his new DC747, circa December 2004.  It had a koa neck and body, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, black chrome hardware, on/off switch for the bridge pickup, string saver saddles and Dunlop Straploks.  Sweet!

And here's Mike's bass rigs.  On the right, now used as a practice amp, is Mike's Pro Bass II head with a V410T and V115 cabinet.  On the left is the new B1500 bass rig with BRX10 and BRX12 cabinets.

This is Mike's latest addition - an '05 BB75PFK (P Series/fretless/koa), and it's just loaded with features.  It has a 3-piece koa/maple/flamed koa body (similar to the Anniversary Series) with a 5-piece koa neck with maple strips.  It also has a tung-oil finish on the back of the neck, black hardware and Straploks.  Electronics consist of a pair of H50N humbuckers with a piezo bridge.

As if having a room full of Carvin gear wasn't enough, Mike gets to rub elbows with a lot of Carvin endorsers.  Here he is with Bunny Brunel at a recent clinic at Carvin HQ.  The 3 BB basses are Mike's.