Mark Rubottom's Collection

This is an impressive collection.  20 Carvins, in pretty much every make and model that was offered in the 1980s, as well as some from the early 90's.  Definitely one of the most impressive collections on the Museum.

Below are Mark's "Curved C" Carvins, so named because of the old style (pre-1988) logo on each of them.  On the bottom row, left to right: DC125 in Pearl Red; DC200 in black; DC200 in Pearl Red; DC160 in clear gloss on quilt.  On the top row, left to right, a DC200 koa; a DN612 in koa; another DN612 in koa; another DC200 in koa.  Wow!

These are Mark's "pointy" Carvins.  On top, a Pearl Red X220C from the early 1990s.  In the middle row, left to right: V220T in Pearl Red with a Kahler; V220T in white with a Kahler; another V220T in white with a Kahler and gold hardware; a V220T in white with a Kahler and black chrome hardware.  On the bottom row, a V220 in black; a V440T in Pearl Blue with a Kahler (formerly belonged to the Webmaster); and a V220C in black.

And still more Carvins!  Below are recent additions to Mark's already impressive collection.  On the far left is a DN612 from 1989 in Pearl White with DC145 electronics and that crazy 12-inline headstock.  Next to it, a mid-80's SH225 in clear gloss.  Second from the right is a CM130/CM140 hybrid - it has the stereo wiring only found on the CM140, but it has the dot inlays of the CM130 (the CM140 had MOP blocks), as well as the unadorned headstock found on the CM130.  On the far right is a late-80's V220 in a hardtail configuration.