Ken Burgner's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: BassClef

This is an excellent collection of basses, representing the higher-end side of Carvin, with exotic woods and other features.

First up, Ken's most recent addition - a 2006 Icon IC4WF.  It has a beautiful figured walnut top, with a nice chevron pattern.  Other features include chrome hardware, an alder body with a maple neck and lined fretless fingerboard.  Ken bought this to replace his LB70F shown at the bottom of the page.

There aren't many Elite models floating around out there - it's a pretty expensive upgrade, but as you can see from Ken's, it's well worth it (right and below).  It's a 2006 model, which Ken received in April.  The Elite package comes standard with a walnut body, and with a quilted maple top and back, as well as headstock and rear of the headstock.  In addition to these features, Ken added a Birdseye maple fingerboard, and CT-style 2X2 headstock.

You can click the pictures below for much larger versions.


On the heels of his Elite order, Ken ordered this walnut LB70 fretless.  In addition to the nicely-figured walnut body, it has a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, chrome hardware,  Like the Elite, it's equipped with an H50S humbucker in the neck position, and an HB2 pickup in the bridge position, with Carvin's new 18V preamp.  Other features include an unlined fretless fingerboard and chrome hardware.  Ken decided to sell this one to fund the Icon at the top of the page, but it's still worth a look.