Keith Miller's Collection
Carvin Museum Forums ID: guitarslinger

Keith is a good guy, and has been around Carvin for some time - in fact, he's a Carvin endorser.  He's also a graduate of Musictech College of Music in Minneapolis, and has performed and recorded in a variety of projects.


Keith has an impressive collection of Carvin guitars, in an assortment of finishes and options.

On the near right is a recent DC727, with an alder body, maple neck, and swamp ash top.  Next to it is an alder/maple DC727C, in Pearl Silver with a Carvin-licensed Floyd Rose tremolo.

Below, starting on the left, is a 1994 DC127T, finished in translucent purple, and equipped with a Wilkinson tremolo and gold hardware.

Next is a recent DC127C in clear gloss on alder with a maple neck, reverse inline headstock and Floyd Rose tremolo. 

Second from right is an '89 DC135TF, in Pearl Blue with a Kahler 2710 fulcrum tremolo. 

Last is a '93 Ultra V with a Floyd-style Kahler tremolo.