Nelson Skyler C66

This 2006 model C66 Contour is a tribute to Nelson Skyler, son of long-time Carvinite Bundy.  He says:

This Carvin guitar is truly a labor of love in the deepest sense of the word.

On 25 May 2006, my son Nelson Skyler passed away unexpectedly at the age of 15. Nelson was a brilliantly intelligent young man with a great love for thrills in life and enjoyed many hobbies; one being digital photography. Most of the photos on my website and my Carvin Museum Collections page were taken by Nelson as he loved to photograph my Carvin guitars, his favorite being a 2003 Sapphire Blue DC127. This DC127 now bears a truss rod cover with my son's name on it.

Completely unbeknownst to the Bundy family, the Carvinites of the Museum Forums began a secret project that involved many emails and private messages concerning the build of a Carvin guitar tribute to our son. Many options were debated, but the one thing that became a must was the Sapphire Blue color.

On 23 August 2006 a Carvin Mini-Bash was held at the Bundys' North Carolina home. A great time was had by nearly a dozen members of the Carvin Museum Forum as guitars were played, photos were taken, and pizza was consumed. During a break in the jam session a new Carvin box was presented to me and I was puzzled as to why I was told to open it.

I still maintain the fact that this was the best-kept secret in Carvin Forum history. We had no idea what was in the box and were shocked to find the following guitar: a 2006 Contour 66, in beautifully elegant Sapphire Blue on quilted maple! Other specs include a mahogany body, H-S-H pickup config (C22J-AP11-C22B), single phase switch, and abalone dot inlays. The guitar most prominently features an engraved truss rod cover bearing the name "Nelson Skyler". It is absolutely perfect and I would not change a thing about this guitar, being visually and tonally one of the best in my Carvin guitar collection.

The Bundy family is eternally grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the Carvin forums during what was undoubtedly the most tragic time in our lives. There is not a day that goes by where we don't stop and reflect on the joy Nelson brought to our lives. I have taken this guitar onstage many times and have found this C66 to be exude wonderfully fabulous tones and radiate a stunning beauty - much like our son did during his short lifetime. This Carvin "Nelson Skyler" Contour 66 is a fitting tribute to our son and is an instrument that is deeply cherished as it represents the loving memory of our son and the camaraderie shared by the community of the Carvin Museum Forums."