Ben Frey's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: Guit Fiddle

Here's a very impressive collection, made up of newer Carvin guitars and a bass, with some interesting and unusual features, and some great wood!

First up is Ben's Bolt.  It's finished in Sunset Burst over alder, with a red pearloid pickguard, stainless frets, birdseye maple board with no inalys, Sperzels, and a very unique walnut neck.  

Next is Ben's Bolt+.  This Bolt is deep purple over a lightweight, one-piece mahogany body, a very unique 5-piece maple/walnut neck with CT headstock, rosewood board with no inlays, stainless frets, and active electronics. The active module was removed and a Graph Tech GHOST system was installed in its place.  The magnetic pickups are now passive and wired '50's style', with a single mag volume/tone, a piezo volume, a synth volume, and a synth up/dn switch.  The 13-pin jack resides in a route cut into the side of the guitar right above the dual output jacks.

Below is Ben's CT3M.  It has a clear finish with a sunset burst edge, stainless frets, rosewood board with no inlays, zebra pickups, and black hardware.  Ben requested a piece of lightweight mahogany and got it.  An unexpected bonus is that the guitar arrived with a one-piece body, meaning this entire guitar is made of only three pieces of wood.

Ben's LB70P is pretty much 'standard fare' as far as options go, reflecting what remains a popular combination. This one has no inlays, stainless frets, a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, walnut body sides, and a gloss finish.  The stand-out feature of this instrument is the cut of walnut used for the sides, which looks almost like Claro.  Very groovy!