Gary Foreman's Collection
Carvin Museum Forums ID: gforeman

This is a very nice collection, consisting of newer Carvin guitars, including a beautiful CT and equally nice Holdsworth,  a Bolt Plus, and a BK4A kit bass.

Here is a beautiful 2005 model CT6M.  It's finished in deep Sunsetburst on quilted maple with matching headstock, and has the standard CT mahogany body and neck.  Other features include mother-of-pearl block inlays, gold hardware, stainless steel frets, and tung-oiled back of neck.

This is Gary's new Holdsworth HF2 Fatboy.  It's finished in Antique Brown Stain on quilted maple with matching headstock.  The fingerboard is ebony with no inlays and stainless steel frets.  Other features include gold hardware with gold Carvin logo and Straploks.  Pickups are black/black Holdsworth models with coil splitters and phase switching.  

This is Gary's Bolt Plus.  It's finished in Sapphire Blue on swamp ash with matching headstock and black chrome hardware.

Notice Gary's Vintage 16 and AG100D in the background.

Here's is Gary's BK4A bass kit.  It has a walnut body, tung-oiled maple nack with ebony fingerboard, gold hardware and active electronics.

Gary has detailed information on the assembly of this bass on his website, right here.