Dave Farmer's Collection
Carvin Museum Forums ID: FarmerDave

Dave has a great collection of Carvin guitars and basses, including models from the early 1990's up through present day.  Dave is currently in New Zealand, but has promised more pics once he's back in the States.

On the right is Dave's AE185-12.  It's finished in classic white, with a mahogany neck, body & headstock.  It has an ebony fingerboard, and black chrome hardware.

Below is Dave's AE185, which is pretty dramatically different from his 12-stringer.  This one is finished in tobacco sunburst with matching headstock, and has chrome hardware.




The LS175 was a guitar Carvin introduced in 1991, and it was only available for one year. Presumably, there are very few of these out there, and Dave has a great example here.   This model was totally different than other Carvins at the time - it was basically a Carvin Stratocaster.  It had the same 25.5" scale, 22-fret neck of the Strat, and the 3-pickup configuration.  Unlike the Strat, this was neck-through, and was available with Carvins array of options.

Daves has had the original H60T pickup replaced with an EMG, but it still has the H60Ns in the neck and middle position.  It's finished in Sapphire Blue on maple, and has black chrome hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo.







Here's a great example of what Carvin was producing in the mid-1980's; in this case, a 1986 V220.  This was the first year that black M22 pickups were offered, which when combined with black hardware, gave the V an ultra-modern and sleek look.  Dave picked this one up on eBay for the great price of $250.00.



...it broke.  Yes, in January of 2005, the neck snapped off, from a fairly incidental bump.  It looks like the glue simply failed.  Luckily, it's a very clean separation, so it'll was easy to fix.  Additionally, this is a great opportunity to examine the neck joint on a set-neck Carvin.  Thanks to Dave for providing such detailed photos.

There are more photos of the neck joint right here.

And here it is after being repaired - good as new!

On the right is Dave's project V220.  He bought it used (cheap!) and essentially rebuilt it from the ground up, including the flat black finish.  It's a mid-1980's model, with Seymour Duncan pickups, Kahler tremolo and a mix of chrome and black chrome  hardware.

Here's Dave's early 90's DC125, finished in Ferrari red.  It has black chrome hardware, and a Floyd Rose tremolo.

Below is Dave's '05 Bolt Plus.  It's koa with a satin finish, birdseye maple fingerboard with matching headstock overlay. black chrome hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo.

Like some other '87 model basses seen here, Dave's '87 LB60 bass sports the new block logo, which wasn't officially introduced until 1988.  Additionally, this pearl blue model has black hardware, H11B pickups, and a Kahler bass tremolo.


Above and to the left is Dave's Bolt kit.  It's got a swamp ash body, and Dave ordered it with the reissue "pointy" headstock - very cool.