Kelly's Collection
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Here's another great collection, with a wide assortment of Carvin guitars, basses and kits, covereing a wide range of instruments, woods and features.  Very nice!

Below is Kelly's 2005 DC145M.  It has a beautiful figured walnut top with matching V headstock and a maple body with a 5-piece maple/mahogany neck.  The fingerboard is birdseye maple with no inlays and stainless steel frets.  Electronics consist of a C22B, AP11 and H22N.

Kelly scored this '99 Bolt on the 'net for $235 - a steal!  It has a tung-oiled alder body, and a maple neck with ebony fingerboard and V headstock.  Electronics consist of a C22B, AP11, and a TBH60 in the neck position with 250K audio taper pots.  Kelly made the new pickguard, shown on the left, out of carbon fiber.


This late-model HF2 has made the rounds in the Carvin community.  Kelly is it's 4th owner, in fact.  It's finished in Vintage Yellow on quilted maple with matching headstock, and has a tung-oiled neck, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, and black chrome hardware.  Pickups are C22 series humbuckers.

This is Kelly's NT7 project guitar, made from Carvin parts, which he built in 2005.  It has a tung-oiled neck and body, with an ebony fingerboard.  It has active electronics, with a DiMarzio TZ7 in the bridge position, and a C26N in the neck position - at least in the photos.  Kelly has since swapped the C26N out for a Tone Zone.

This is Kelly's only Carvin bass, a recent B4 which he scored on eBay for a great price.  It's finished in Pearl Silver with an alder body.  It has a matching 2X2 headstock, maple neck and black chrome hardware.  Active electronics consist of a J99 in the neck position and an HB4 in the bridge.

This 2003 DC127FA was Kelly's first Carvin, bought off of the In-Stock section of  It's finished in blueburst on swamp ash, and is loaded with C22B and H22N pickups and a Fishman acoustic bridge.  Kelly has since let this one go, but as the rest of his collection shows, he still has plenty of Carvins!