Denson's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: bassius

From Salt Lake City, here is the collection of Denson (AKA Bassius), another regular on the Carvin BBS.  And why not?  He's another proud Carvin bass owner, with a trio of cool Carvins.  He has some other basses as well - take a look at them on his website.

In addition to Vintage Yellow, I love purple quilt Carvins.  And this is a perfect example - a 1994 LB76F.  And like his other fretless, this is a man's fretless - no fretlines!  Beautiful!

Next up, the Twins.  A pair of 2000 B4 kits, one fretless, and one fretted.  The fretless features J99 pickups and passive electronics, and like the LB76F, a nice clean fingerboard.

The fretted B4 is almost identical to the fretless, with the exception of the electronics - note the HB2 Alnico bridge pickup.  This is also a 2000 model.