Dave McGrath's Collection
WWW: http://davesplayground.tripod.com

Dave has a nice collection, covering both vintage and contemporary Carvin guitars and basses, as well as amps and pro audio gear (see his site for lots more info).

The centerpiece is Dave's 1987 SH225 (left, and below left).  This is a beautiful example of the only archtop Carvin produced in the past 20 years.  It's all stock, with abalone block inlays, gold hardware, and flamed maple top and back.

Dave's 2000 model DC135C (below, 2nd from left) has a tung-oiled koa body and neck, gold hardware, and a Floyd Rose tremolo.

The 2004 LB75FP (below, 2nd from right) has a walnut body with maple neck, no-inlay fretboard, P-Series upgrade and chrome hardware.  Dave scored this from Carvin's Basses-In-Stock section.

The 2004 LB70 (below, far right) also came from the Basses-In-Stock section.  It's finished in greenburst on swamp ash with black chrome hardware.

On the bottom row is Dave's 2003 DC150 which he recently bought on eBay.  It has a Vintage Yellow finish on quilted maple, with a mahogany neck and body, abalone block inlays, and chrome hardware.

Last is Dave's new Cobalt C750.  This has the standard Cobalt livery - spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and Fishman electronics.

The latest addition to Dave's collection is this matched pair a V models.  Dave said:

"Here are my eBay scores; a white V220 with Kahler trem and black hardware, and a matching white V440 with black hardware. Amazingly, the V220 looks like it was hardly ever played. The fretboard and frets have very little sign of any wear. The V440 needs some work on the finish and all the bezel/pickup screws are rusted, like it was kept in a damp basement. The pots are also needing replacement. Fortunately, the neck and frets are in near perfect condition. During my next trip to SoCal, I'll have to drop it off at the Carvin factory for some refurbishment."

Also shown are Dave's Carvin guitar and bass amps.  Dave says:

"Next is a photo of my 1983 XV112E (sitting on the custom Carvin Anvil flight case - both purchased new from the factory). It got me through lots of gigs in the mid to late 1980s. With a Carvin 212 extension cabinet, I gave all those dudes with huge Marshall half stacks a run for their money. Naturally, I think the XV112E definitely won the tonal variation race. It is 100% stock (no bias tweaking or repaired components). Only the tubes have been replaced, most recently around 1995 with matched Groove tubes in the power and preamp sockets.

Finally there's a pic of my RC210-18 (above left) that I got last year (2004) when I found a drummer and started gigging again. "