Dave Lee's Collection
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Dave has an interesting and unusual collection of Carvin basses, representing a wide array of options and features that Carvin offers.  Read on...

First up is Dave's 2001 model LB70W, which he picked up from a pawn shop in North Carolina that had it listed on eBay.  It has a stunning figured walnut top, with a walnut body with the Anniversary Series' center maple layer, and a 5-piece maple/walnut neck.  Other features include gold hardware and an ebony fingerboard.

What's really unique about this LB70 is that it was used in a popular print ad program by Carvin in the early 2000's.  The ad on the below left was featured in several magazines in 2001, including Guitar Player and Bass Player, and the spread on the right (click for larger) was from a 2001 Carvin catalog.  Very interesting!

This is Dave's LB70 (above & below). It's finished in ruby red stain on quilted maple, with a maple neck and alder body and matching headstock.  What's unusual; about this is that it doesn't have the strings-through-the-body option of practically every other Hipshot bridge-equipped Carvin bass.

This LB75 (above, below & right) was Dave's first Carvin bass, and it's a fully-loaded model that he ordered directly from the Custom Shop.  It's finished in Cherry Sunburst on quilted maple with a matching headstock, alder body, and 5-piece maple/walnut neck.  The fingerboard is ebony with abalone block inlays.  Gold hardware rounds out the package. 

The bridge is a standard Hipshot SF5 - Dave has used a small piece of brass as a shim under the saddle screws - very ingenious, and it looks cool, too!

Here's Dave's swamp ash BK4 Bolt kit (above, below & left).  It has an oil finish, and Dave has both fretted and fretless necks for it.

Last up is Dave's "Dragon" Bolt Kit.  This was an impulse eBay buy (the best kind!), and Dave bought it because the Dragon paintjob complimented his band's logo.  It was painted by Paul Gomez in Arizona, who is evidently a custom car painter out there.  The paint job looks fantastic, and this must be one of the nicer finished Bolts out there.