Craig Wiper's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: Mesadude

Craig has been playing for over 40 years, and has been playing and collecting Carvin guitars for half that time.  In addition to the models above, Craig has also had several vintage models come and go over the years (included at the bottom of the page).

Above is Craig's collection as of September '05.  From left to right: '02 Cherryburst TL60; '98 Vintage Yellow Bolt; '84 Black V220T; mid-80's quilted DC160; '02 Ruby Red quilted AE185; '01 sunburst DC127; and '93 Pearl White TL60.  All of these are detailed below, except the AE185, which Craig just acquired from Lizzy Daymont.

On the left is Craig's 2002 TL60, finished in Cherryburst on swamp ash with maple neck and ebony fingerboard. 

On the right is Craig's 1993 TL60, finished in Pearl White.  Other features include a black painted headstock, ebony fingerboard, and gold hardware.

Next is Craig's 2001 DC127 (below left).  This has a mahogany neck and body, and is finished in sunburst.  It has an ebony fingerboard, black hardware, and C22 pickups with coil splitters.

Below center is Craig's 1998 Bolt, finished in vintage yellow on alder, with black chrome hardware and AP11 pickups.

On the left below is Craig's vintage V220T, from 1984 (which was the first year of production).  It has a maple body and maple set-neck, ebony fingerboard, Kahler Pro tremolo, chrome plated hardware, and M22 pickups.

Here is Craig's 2002 AE185, which he recently acquired from Lizzy Daymont.  It's features include a mahogany neck and back, quilted maple top finished in Ruby Red stain with matching headstock and tortoiseshell body binding, ebony fingerboard with abalone dot inlays and black chrome hardware.  Electronics consist of C22 humbucking pickups with coil splitters and phase switch, a piezo pickup, and dual output jacks for piezo and magnetic pickups.

Below is Craig's latest addition, scored on eBay in February of 2005.  This is probably one of the most unique DC160's out there - for starters, not many DC160's made, as this was Carvin's most expensive model during it's run.  In the mid 80's, these sold for about $700, which was several hundred dollars more than the koa DC200K; the next highest-priced model.  This one, obviously, is a one-of-a-kind model.  The most obvious feature is the 3-humbucker arrangement, which was never a standard feature or even an option on a Carvin in the 80's.  Craig opened it up, and it appears to be a factory job, which is another example of Carvin's willingness to accommodate unusual customer requests.  Additionally, this one has dot inlays, even though abalone block inlays were standard at no additional charge on a DC160.  Evidently, the original owner preferred the dots over the blocks.  Also notable is the stunning curly maple body, which was solid, as opposed to a top as in modern Carvin guitars.

If the original owner is out there somewhere, Craig and I would both be interested in hearing more specific details about this guitar.  Please get in touch with one of us!

Here's Craig playing his '84 V220.

On the left is Craig's collection, as it was several years ago, and as it appeared on the original Carvin Museum of Guitar History.  The Pearl White TL60 and Vintage Yellow Bolt are still in the collection, but the others have since moved on to new owners.  However, they're worth mentioning, since they are interesting and unusual models.

The first of Craig's former guitars is this 1977 DC150 (above).  This is a great example of what Carvin was doing during the late 1970's, as the company transitioned from using Höfner components to their own parts.  This is a particularly nice example, with maple fingerboard, maple body and neck, chrome hardware, and Bigsby vibrato (this was the last year a Bigsby was available on a Carvin).  Also of note on this example are the chrome pickup covers (the only year this was offered), and pearloid control cavity cover, which was standard at the time.

Also no longer part of Craig's collection is this V220T and Ultra V.  The V220 is from '86 or '87, and has black chrome hardware and a Kahler Pro tremolo.

The Ultra V is a '93 model.  In addition to the jet black finish, it has gold hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo.

And here's another shot of Craig's collection as of September '05.

And below are Craig's pointy guitars - the '84 V220, 2004 Hamer Korina Vector & 1984 Gibson Explorer.