Brian D's Collection
Carvin BBS ID: BrianD

Brian's been around Carvins for years, and has a great collection, spanning decades of Carvin guitars.

Above, left is Brian's vintage DN612.  He says:

"I purchased it in July, 2004. I got it off Ebay after looking around for one and not finding what I wanted, or the price was too high. This guitar was a minor disappointment when I got it. The photos on Ebay did not show all the problems; badly scratched back, chipped neck, two warped necks, gouges around the bridge, deep pick scratches, and noisy electronics. I paid about $650 for the guitar and case, but resolved to fix the issues and get on with life.

I contacted my dear friend Albert C at Carvin and talked to him about it. He said that they could refurbish the guitar but could not tell me how long it would take. I agree and took the guitar to Carvin and got it back about two months later. I was totally taken aback by what I saw. I swear if I did not know guitar was used I'd swear it was brand new. There were no traces of any of the aforementioned problems. This guitar is just a pure pleasure to play, but a bear as it weight in very heavy or an old guy like me to be lugging around."

Next is Brian's 2001 DC127.  It has a tung-oiled mahogany body and neck, and M22SD and C22N pickups.  Brian says:

"The guitar was ordered with a graphite saddle and rounded body. I preferred the traditional headstock to the semi-pointed being offered at the time. The matching truss rod cover was given to me. Although the face of the headstock is a satin finish, the TRC has a gloss finish and in the photos it looks like there is a mismatch in color."

Also shown is Brian's C750 Cobalt.  It has a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and Fishman electronics.

Last, but not least, is Brian's DC747C.  It's finished in Pearl White, with an alder body and tung-oiled maple neck.  It has chrome hardware, including the licensed Floyd Rose tremolo, with C26 humbuckers and an AP13 pickup in the middle.

"This guitar has nothing special about it, but the finish is just to die for. I don't normally like finished guitars. They just don't appeal to me, but the Pearl White was recommend by the guys at Carvin because of its beauty. They were not even kidding. In the right light one can see the white and yellowish tint that most "real" pearls exhibit. The TRC on this guitar is a matching cover that I begged Carvin to make for me. It took some time and some phone calls/email to the Powers that Be, but they finally agree on this special occasion. I think the TRC enhances the beauty by providing no break in the aesthetics."


Brian has added a couple of new guitars recently.  On the left is his CT6M.  It has a mahogany neck and body, and is custom-finished in Dasie Blue on quilted maple.  Other features include block inlays on ebony and chrome hardware.

On the right is Brian's 2006 model Bolt-T.  It's finished in Seafoam Green, with a highly figured Birdseye maple fingerboard and chrome hardware.