Big Al's Collection

Here's another cool collection, covering a range of Carvin guitars.  

First up is Al's DC135T (above, far left).  It's a '03 model in Sunsetburst on quilted maple with matching headstock and gold hardware.  Other features include coil splitters, phase switching, rounded body sides and Wilkinson tremolo.

Al's 1999 DC127 (above, 2nd from left) is finished in Cherry Sunburst on alder.  It also has rounded body sides, M22 pickups with coil splitters, chrome hardware and graphite saddles.  This is Al's main axe.

Next is Al's AE185 (above, 2nd from right).  It's finished in Sunsetburst on flamed maple with tortoise binding, C22 humbuckers with coil splitters and phase switches and chrome hardware.

Al's 1981 DC150 (above, far right) has obviously been dressed up a little, with the custom flame job.  It has a maple body and maple set neck, M22 humbuckers with phase and coil switches and chrome hardware.

Last is Al's 2000 DC127.  It's finished in clear gloss on alder with rounded body sides, C22 pickups, and chrome hardware.