Ben Agata's Collection
Carvin Museum Forums ID: benz2112

Ben has a nice assortment of contemporary 6 and 7 string Carvin guitars, in a nice assortment of finishes, with a variety of options.  Read on...

This is Ben's first Carvin, a 2001 DC127TFA.  Ben says:

"I have been a Carvin fanatic for a little over 5 years now. In the late 90's, I spent some time in California and was able to visit the now closed Sherman Oaks store, where I just fell in love with the guitars. Everyday I dreamed of what kind of Carvin I was going to order. In the summer of 2001, I noticed the Fishman powerbridge was added as an option, and I couldn't resist any longer. I ordered my DC127T-FA and the rest is history. Coincidentally the guitar was supposed to be delivered on Sept. 11, and of course was delayed a few days. Being a resident New Yorker, it was a real dark time for me, and getting that guitar really helped me through it. I ordered the works on it. Flamed maple top with tobacco sunburst finish, tung oil neck like all my Carvins have, jumbo frets, abalone dot inlays, Wilkinson bridge with the Fishman option, and two H22 humbuckers."

Next is Ben's DC727.  Ben says:

"Two years later in 2003, I won a scholarship which gave me enough money to get another Carvin. This time I bought a DC727 off of eBay.  All blacked out, no inlays, tung oil on the neck, black hardware, it's a real sinister looking guitar."



This is Ben's Bolt+.  He says:

"The next year I noticed that Tazmo from the Carvin BBS was selling a Bolt+ which looked a lot like the 727, so I jokingly said to him that the DC727 needed a friend. Well, he kept talking me into it until I bought it for a really great price. It has the black hardware, and no inlays like the 727, but also has zebra coiled Seymour Duncans. A jazz in the neck, and a Screamin' Demon in the bridge. This is the best sounding guitar I have."


Last up is Ben's Harlequin Prismatique Bolt.  He says:

"The last guitar in the collection is the HP Sustainer Bolt. I spotted it on eBay last November and I had to have it. The previous owner put cheesy wallpaper type stuff on the pickguard and put glitter on the pickups (see the eBay section for the original pics). For a number of months I planned out the mods I was going to do, and recently I did them. I added a Millusion Sunburst pickguard, Q-Parts natural abalone tipped knobs, Dimarzio HS-2 single coil in the middle position, and a Fernandes Sustainer kit. All the work was done flawlessly by Matt Brewster at 30th Street guitars. He has worked on just about all of these guitars, and have made them play and sound even better than stock."