Barry Sparks' Collection

If you're a Carvin bassist, then the name Barry Sparks should ring familiar to you.  In addition to a very  successful career with the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, the Michael Schenker Group, Firehouse and Dokken, Barry has been a long-time Carvin player and endorser, and has been featured in many Carvin catalogs over the years.


Barry's been on the road on the Whitesnake/Scorpions/Dokken tour, but the webmistress from was nice enough to send me the above photo, and the following:

"Many thanks for your email and the link to your site. Looks good! I'll pass your message on to Bazz but he'll be on the road for a few months starting any day now with the Whitesnake/Scorpions/Dokken tour and won't have much internet access so he may not be able to contact you directly. I'll certainly do what I can to help you - even though my knowledge of guitars is.... errr..... 'Barry, I like the purple one, but the red one goes better with your eyes'. But yeh, I'll do what I can!  Here's a one lovely photo that you're welcome to use, and you can also use any others from the website - but I'll try to look you out some more. Tell me the kind of thing you're looking for, ok! I have loads of photos of guitars on stands from Uli's European 2001 tour. I'm sure some of them must be Bazz's, so I'll send pics of  the most likely-looking ones - I'm pretty good at recognizing Uli's Sky guitar by now, hahahahaha. I've just added the link to your site, at, and if you can add furnish me with any technobollocks to add to that page it would be very welcome!"

Here's Barry with some of his Carvin basses: LB70, trans red quilt, with dual H50's (right); a 90's era LB76 in green, also with H50s; a 90's era LB75 in blue (that's Yngwie in the photo); and a very nice late-model LB76 in pearl white.  Excellent collection from an excellent bassist, and I'm just thrilled to have his gear up here - and I'm sure there's more to be seen...

Below is another shot of Barry's trans green on quilt LB76 from his Michael Schenker Group days.  Notice his Red Line bass stack, as well.

Below is Barry on stage with Dokken playing his LB70, in ruby red stain on quilted maple.

Here's Barry with his AC275-12, in ruby red stain on quilted maple.  You can also see his purple LB76 hanging on his dual-amp Red Line stack.