This ad, from the November 2005 issue of Bass Player, features an LB75A Anniversary model, in the same layout that was used for CT6 promotions in 2005.






Although not an actual advertisement, the November 2005 issue of Bass Player gave away a new Elite Series LB75EP, a B1500 head, and a BRX10 cabinet.






This ad, from the November 2003 issue of Bass Player, features an LB76P in Cherry Sunburst, an LB75P in Pearl Blue, and a BB70 in walnut.  Compare this to the older ads below - what a difference a few decades make!







The 2002 issue of the Guitar Buyer's Guide  had this ad, which showcased a wide variety of Carvin guitar, bass and pro audio products.

This layout features the RL210 Red Line Bass amp with an LB70W bass.

The introduction of the P-Series bass was highlighted in this ad,  from the March/April 2001 issue of Bassics Magazine.

Here's another early 2000's layout - in this case, featuring the talented Greta Brinkman and her lefty B4.

Speaking of Greta Brinkman, here she is in a GHS Boomers layout with her trans green on swamp ash B4.

This is an ad from the early 2000's featuring Paul Loranger from the Eric Sardinas Band playing an LB75 and an LB75P.

Not an advertisement, but still cool.  This Mel Bay Five-String Bass Chord Chart book is from the mid-1990's, and has an BB75 on the cover.  Note that the bass didn't have the midrange control yet, the input jack was on the front, and it used the Wilkinson bass bridge.

Here's an early to mid-90's ad for the Bunny Brunel BB75. Note the early-run jack on the front of the body, and the 4-knob control configuration, which makes this a '92-'94 model.  A very cool ad layout, and a gorgeous instrument - I love the way the gold hardware looks on the green quilt.  Very nice.

More Bunny!  The ad on the left is from a 1991 issue of Bass Player magazine, the inaugural year of the BB series bass.  On the right, a 1999 ad,  also from Bass Player magazine.

From 1995, this ad features Eagles bassist (and Carvin TBS4 Signature Model inspiration) Timothy B. Schmit.






This July 1992 ad from Guitar for the Practicing Musician showed Reggie Hamilton with a pair of LB76 basses, and a Pro Bass 500 amp.







From the June 1991 issue of Guitar Player, this spread shows legendary bassist James Jamerson with a Pro Bass stack and an LB75F in clear finish on flamed maple with reverse headstock.

Also from Guitar for the Practicing Musician (February 1990) is a full page ad for an LB70 with a Vintage Yellow finish on flamed maple.  Behind it is an LB75 in black.

A couple months later, in August 1990, this half-page ad (below) appeared in Guitar for the Practicing Musician.  This is an LB75 - probably the same one that appeared in the above ad.  Note that the price listed is $649 - 12 years later, an LB75 starts at $729.  Quite reasonable, especially considering price increases of other manufacturers in the same period (and markups of retail dealers).

From a 1989 issue of Guitar World, here is James Lomenzo of White Lion with his LB70. This ad was used extensively in the late 80's.

From the May 1988 issue of Guitar for the Practicing Musician, here's a full page ad for an LB90F.  The inset photo is Scott Thunes of the Frank Zappa band in a shot that would appear in Carvin catalogs and ads throughout the 80's.

Here's an ad from 1987 featuring Matt Thor, with a bass stack and V440T.  Thanks to Sean at Carvin for sending this one to me!

On the right, from 1987, is the introductory ad for the LB90 (which was the same photo as in the '87 catalog), also featuring Scott Thunes.

From a 1986 Guitar Magazine ad, here's one featuring a koa LB70 (as well as a pink V220 and a DC400).  This was a pretty popular ad layout in the 80's, because it featured so many of Carvin's products.

This was a popular ad in the early 80's, featuring Patrick Hearn of Missing Persons, and a koa LB50.  This ad appeared in the May 1983 issue of Guitar Player.

From the October 1981 issue of Guitar Player, this ad heralded the future of Carvin - wide selection of models, high-end appointments such as coil-splitters and abalone, and classic styling.

From the December 1981 issue of Guitar Player, this ad picked up where the above ad left off, showing additional models and options.

This is a cool old ad, from the May 1979 issue of Guitar Player, featuring the LB50 bass, in it's sophomore year of production. 

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