Welcome to the Carvin Musical Instruments Museum, an all-inclusive history of Carvin Musical Instruments, including amplifiers, guitars and basses, as well as mandolins, steel guitars, pickups, and other gear Carvin has sold in their 50+ year history.  In addition to historical data, there are other features such as the In-Stock Archive, which shows several hundred actual basses and guitars from the Guitars-In-Stock section of Carvin.com.  The eBay section showcases interesting or unusual basses and guitars spotted on eBay.  You can also take the very informative Factory Tour, from the 80's, 90's and present day. 

QUESTIONS ABOUT A CARVIN?  Feel free to e-mail the webmaster, but you'll probably get a faster answer if you post a message in the Forums, plus you'll be asking your question to a whole group of Carvin players with years of collective expertise.



RSS FEED NOW AVAILABLE! The Carvin Museum forums now support RSS, embedded YouTube videos, and many other new features.  If you're not a member, register and participate in discussions about all things Carvin!

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